Last minute tips! The #atozchallenge is almost here!

We are just days before the Challenge begins. I hope everyone is feeling pretty good at this point and is ready to go!

Here are a few tips, in no particular order!

**SELL YOUR BLOG POST! Funny or serious. Intriguing or cryptic. Tell us something to make us click on your link!

For example…

Name: Heather M. Gardner
Blog: The Waiting is the Hardest Part
A to Z Theme: Zombies and the people that love them.
Letter D: Decay. It was bound to happen. How to remove those pesky stains.
Link: [Add link]

** Use the hashtag!! #atozchallenge

** While you’re searching through the participants comments, you can either right click on a link to open in a new tab, or highlight/right click to open in a new tab. Either way, open links in a new tab so you don’t lose the main page you’re working on.

** You don’t have to post a ‘clickable link’ in the comments. You can copy/paste a link in the comments. Either way, just make sure its to your individual letter blog post and not to your main blog page.

** If you like the post you’re reading on someone’s blog, SHARE it with the world.

** Readers may want to SHARE your post with the world. Make it easy for them. Do you have social media links on your blog for them to use?

**Make it easy for readers to leave comments on your blog. Turn off everything that might hamper them for April!

** On the Main Challenge blog, double check where you’re posting your letter blog post. (You don’t want to place it/reply under another participants comment).


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Author: John Holton

Internet disc jockey, lover of old TV (especially the commercials), inveterate wise guy.

10 thoughts on “Last minute tips! The #atozchallenge is almost here!”

  1. Name: Linda Stewart
    Blog: QP & Eye
    A to Z Theme: Values
    Theme Reveal: Introducing my A-Z Challenge Theme
    Link: A-Z 2017 Theme Reveal

    The format of posting our contributions looks great. It is informative, we know who is posting and which letter. Hope my link works to the Theme Reveal because I’d like to use this approach.



    1. Oh My GOODNESS! It worked. Yay. Yay. Happy Blogger! Why is it so easy on WordPress and I struggled on Blogger. Love it. Thank you so much for tweaking some more. Love how it looks and the link actually works.


      1. Yeah, same here. I tried commenting there but for some reason my name doesn’t show. Looking forward to seeing your articles!

        See more of my #AtoZChallenge: Chinese Adventure at


  2. Hello everyone! I just realized I replied to all comments here. Sorry for spamming, I’m just excited to join the challenge!

    Name: Andy
    #AtoZChallenge theme: Chinese Adventure

    Looking forward to seeing all your posts! Cheers.


    1. Andy, the only way replying to comments could be construed as spamming would be if your URL led to a Canadian pharmacy or a porn site. By the way, I’m not sure why your name isn’t clickable; most WordPress accounts do that automatically. If you’re seeing three lines (name, email, and URL) on the comment form, make sure you put the URL of your blog in that third line. Better yet, sign on to WordPress before you comment by clicking on the WordPress logo on the form. You have a footer, which is good, but after the challenge you’ll want people to find you. Glad you joined us, and have a great time with the Challenge!

      John Holton
      A to Z Challenge Co-Host
      The Sound Of One Hand Typing

      Liked by 1 person

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