Idea Donation Day

Did you ever think of a great idea for the A to Z challenge, but not want to use it yourself? Perhaps it seemed like too much work for you, it didn’t fit the “brand” of your blog, or you already had an idea you liked more.

That’s what today’s post is for! Out there in the blogosphere are people who are thinking about joining the challenge, but they don’t know what they’d write 26 posts about. (Maybe you’re one of these people.) And here in the A to Z community are people with more ideas for the challenge then they could ever post about. (It could be that you’re one of them.)

So go for it! Drop off an idea in the comments that you’d like to see someone use for the challenge. Or pick up an idea from the comments and churn out 26 amazing posts. Maybe even both! Share with your community of bloggers.

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Author: John Holton

Internet disc jockey, lover of old TV (especially the commercials), inveterate wise guy.

One thought on “Idea Donation Day”

  1. What a fantastic idea. I love this idea. I’ve done the challenge several times, and I’ve had a theme every year except my first year. First of all, you’ve gotta have a theme … IMHO. For the participant, a theme eases your pathway to 26 posts. Toward the end, you get tired, your brain 🧠 might not reach its full creative capacity as you search for the perfect topic beginnng with letter “O” , “Q” or “X”. That’s when a theme swoops in and does much of the heavy thinking for you.
    Next you must consider your reading audience … all the new blogger friends and followers you hope to gain during this massive, 👏 awesome challenge, I don’t know about you, but I’m more likely to spend time on a newly discovered blog of the writer tells me up front what she blogs about and if she has a theme. I like to know what topic I’m going to spend the next 5-15 min of my limited time. If I’m forewarned of a magical, enchanting experience or promised part one of a mystery that I can try and solve — I’m all in. No offense to new mom’s but I’ve been there and done that, so if a blog tells me I’m about to get the 26 best damn toddler taming tips then hip hip hooray for the blogger, but I know my time is better spent somewhere else and I’m privately sending new mom kisses because she didn’t wait until I’d spent my 15 Min break to break it to me.
    The Idea Donation Day is just what I’m looking for. I’ve used the same theme over and over, some form of crime Fiction resources. I’ve waivered Back and forth this year. I need a new idea. I’ve toyed with writing the short memoirs about my kids dad (and me) how me met and our life that I intended to do last year when we first learned he was sick. I had to drop out of the challenge and he died in May. But I don’t think I can do the essays justice and keep them short for the benefit of A to Z readers. So I’m pretty much 👀 for a brand new theme all together.
    Sort of like a symbol I guess for the new life the kids and I are beginning. We’re barely managing, but we have each other and we’ve vowed to put sadness behind us and move forward and accomplish what they know their dad would want. Sorry for rambling .
    I hope people do leave ideas here. I’m so open for suggestions and a fresh new theme.

    Melissa @
    Sugar Crime Scene


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