G is for Genre #AtoZchallenge

#AtoZchallenge 2018 G is for Genre

J Lenni Dorner offered WEP (Write…Edit…Publish) “G” day. The WEP team currently consists of four writers – Denise Covey, Yolanda Renée, Olga Godim and Nilanjana Bose  – who all write in different genres. Every second month the team dreams up a challenge where participants can post in any genre. For today’s collaboration, we chose “GENRE” to write 100-word flashes. For inspiration we used an image of an amazing road sign. Thanks Celia Reaves for permission to use the image.

Here we go…

Olga Godim – Fantasy.

Somewhere in Magic

She glanced in the rearview mirror, expecting the Ford chasing them to appear any second.

“Turn at the sign and stop,” he said calmly, as if the goons in the Ford hadn’t tried to kill him minutes ago.

The sign read “WELCOME TO WEE SHOMER.”

She turned and stopped ten meters in.

He leaped out of the car and put both hands on the sign. The letters on the bottom blurred and re-arranged themselves. The sign now read “WELCOME TO SOMEWHERE.” The road turn disappeared. Only grass grew beneath the sign.

The Ford whizzed past without slowing.

“They didn’t see us.” He grinned. “They are going… somewhere.” 

Olga Godim is a Canadian speculative fiction writer. When she doesn’t write fiction, she works as a journalist, designs book covers, and collects toy monkeys. There are over 300 monkeys in her collection.

Nilanjana Bose – Poetry

Homeless in Somewhere

This was home. How strange! the doorknob – I think
as I turn it, still bears your fingerprints,
the steel’s just the same, the roses as pink,
and your yoga mat hasn’t moved an inch;

the curtain’s billowing just as before
your prized ceramics, not one has broken –
whole row’s standing; the rug rucked on the floor
where your foot had pushed it; your  book open

face down on the sofa, dog eared pages
squashed by cushions. Always this careless view
of the physical – those are just cages
for the words. This was home. Now – just a roof.
Just a pile of lifeless concrete and wood –
an empty cage, because you’re gone for good.
Nilanjana is a bi-lingual writer, blogger and market researcher. She specialises particularly in poetry, panic and tinkering with bucket lists. Find her online at Madly-in-Verse.

 Yolanda Renée – Horror.

A Concert in Somewhere

She’s wondering, “How did I get turned around? Where are my friends?”

She was with a crowd, and yet I saw her boredom, her desire for genuine excitement.

I had to grant her wish.

The exiting concert horde pushed her closer.

She’s spotted me again and knows I want her. She understands the game we’re playing.
The fear in her eyes, so delicious. And now tears as she realizes her phone has been pinched.

Does she think I’ve stolen it?

Panic, sheer panic. She’s running, down the alley. Right into my waiting arms.


Yolanda Renée, the author of the Detective Quaid Mysteries, writes in multiple genres and loves flash fiction.  Learn more at www.yolandarenee.com or at Defending the Pen.

Denise Covey – Romance.
Death for Someone, Somewhere

The hazy moon hovered in the inky sky, watching the shenanigans below. Two lovers ran hand in hand, weaving through trees and undergrowth in the perfect silence of night. Finally, they reached the soft grasses near the sign.

Someone pulled over, opened the trunk, and slung a body and shovel over his shoulder.

The lovers shadowed him as he staggered to the stack of decomposing trees.

Dig. Dig. Dig.

‘What game’re you playing, Mister?’

Someone dropped the shovel and ran. Right into their waiting arms.

He was no match for two hungry vampires who fed on murderers.

‘Ladies first.’

‘Don’t mind if I do.’

Denise Covey is an Australian writer of novels, flash fiction and short stories with romantic elements. She reads a lot, travels a lot and writes travel articles in her spare time. Her role as an educator allows her to indulge her love of the classics.

If you’d like to check out WEP’s next challenge, we’re already accepting submissions. Go to the website, read all about it, and sign up! Write in any GENRE. We’d love to have you!

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