Coming Up With Theme Ideas #atozchallenge


We’re celebrating our Tenth Anniversary here at the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

#AtoZchallenge. The blog hop that made an online community by asking bloggers to spend the month of April using the English alphabet as inspiration for their posts. We’re glad you stopped by today.

“I’m not doing A to Z this year because I can’t think of a theme.”

I’ve heard that a couple of times over the last few years from blog buddies of mine when I ask them if they’re doing the Challenge. Granted, the Challenge is a lot more fun (and is maybe a little harder) if you have a theme to tie all your posts together. But there’s nothing in the rules that says you must have a theme. Back in 2014, I had the same problem: I couldn’t think of a theme, so I decided that I’d just go themeless. And it went fine. I had a great time, made a lot of new blog buddies, and felt like I was part of something bigger. Granted, doing the A to Z Challenge without a theme is kind of like trick-or-treating in your street clothes, but hey, if that’s what you got, you go with it.

I haven’t had to do that for the last several years, because I found the secret to coming up with good themes: Don’t try to do it a month before the challenge. Ideas for good themes are all around you all year, so it pays to keep track of them when they come. When you see something or think of something that looks like it might be a good theme, write it down. Write it in your journal, write it on a Post-It Note, put it on a note in Evernote (or Simplenote, or OneNote, or Google Keep, or wherever you keep your ideas), do something so you don’t forget it.

The biggest lie I ever told myself was “I don’t need to write it down, I’ll remember.” – Anonymous

And, whatever you do, don’t shut your mind off to coming up with themes during the Challenge! This is a great time of year to think of future themes. Maybe you think someone has a great theme that might be good for you. Write it down. Maybe you get an idea for combining themes. Write it down.

That’s a good one. Write it down. – Hal Roach

That’s the link to the Master List. You can find, and hop to, all the blogs officially participating on that sheet.

Grab your A to Z gear, and other cool goodies from our graphics guy, here:

A to Z 10th Anniversary

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Author: John Holton

Internet disc jockey, lover of old TV (especially the commercials), inveterate wise guy.

One thought on “Coming Up With Theme Ideas #atozchallenge”

  1. I’m learning as I go as this is my first time through. I like your post. For next year, once I figure out my theme, which hopefully will be within the next few months, I can start compiling posts for it. Writing them all every day for a month on top of all of the other blogging I do makes it really challenging. I very much appreciating having Sundays off.

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