C is for Communication (#AtoZChallenge)

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The team decided our theme for this month’s posts here would be a take “2020 visions of blogging.” This set of weekday posts focuses on:

Memories from Blogging in the Past

I started blogging in 2007. I had just gotten a scholarship to study abroad in the USA for a year, and one of the first things my student adviser told me was “Start a blog. It’s going to be a lot easier to keep people updated than sending out dozens of emails.”
And that is how my blog started. For Communication, for Connection. At first, it was daily news for friends and family about my study abroad adventures. Later it morphed into reports from storytelling festivals and conferences. Then, in 2012, I joined the A to Z Challenge for the first time, and started sharing storytelling and folklore content regularly.
Through Comments, I was starting to make new friends, and meet new Colleagues. I became part of a Community.
Today, thirteen years later, my blog is a Combination of professional Content and reports from my travels and performances. I have grown as an artist and as a person. It is strange and nostalgic to look back at the very first posts, and remember when and how it all began.

How has your life changed since you started blogging? Did it change thanks to your blogging? What does it feel like to look back on the early days?

#AtoZChallenge 2020 badge

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Author: John Holton

Internet disc jockey, lover of old TV (especially the commercials), inveterate wise guy.

One thought on “C is for Communication (#AtoZChallenge)”

  1. I started participating in listserv groups in 1995, in usenet shortly after, and had both a dejanews group and a yahoo newsgroup until I started here at WordPress a few years ago. Those early groups were the precursors to blogs yet different. I like the blogging because I set the content and connect with others who set theirs. Back in the usenet days there were so many trolls! So glad it isn’t that way in WP.

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