Oldie but goodie (#AtoZChallenge)

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The team decided our theme for this month’s posts here would be a take “2020 visions of blogging.” This set of weekday posts focuses on:

Blogging Hopes and Dreams for the Future

I was once told “blogging is for old people.” And that was about eight years ago (when I was in my mid-twenties, thank you). Technology ages, and it ages fast: Social media keeps reminding me that the generations growing up right now don’t blog, and barely use Facebook or Twitter anymore. As someone who likes to keep up with technology, this has been bugging me for a while:

Is blogging getting Old?…

And then I realized I am asking the wrong question. The real question to ask is: Do I care? And if I care, why?

People use social media for a lot of reasons. Some of us do it for audience outreach and marketing. Some do it for community building. Many of us do it as a writing exercise, or to share written resources (in my case, folktales and book reviews). Some of these functions can be moved to newer platforms. Some can’t (believe me, I tried sharing folktales on Instagram…). And that’s okay.

I ask myself the question: Do I care? I like blogging. I enjoy writing posts, and publishing them, and sharing them on my social media. I enjoy reading the posts of other people. I enjoy reading text that is more than 240 characters long. Maybe it means I’m old. But if I actually grow old, and one day I will be sitting in my hover-chair and scrolling through blog posts on my holo-projector… well, I’ll be Okay with that.

Maybe by then, blogging will be retro.

Have you tried moving blogging activities to other media? 
What are your thoughts on the matter?

#AtoZChallenge 2020 badge

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Author: John Holton

Internet disc jockey, lover of old TV (especially the commercials), inveterate wise guy.

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