Off Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is an “off day” in the Challenge. Remember, we take Sundays off from publishing A to Z Challenge posts. So tell me, what are your plans for tomorrow?

  • Write and schedule this week’s Challenge posts. Many of us completed all our Challenge posts and scheduled them before April started, but many others are writing their posts while the Challenge is ongoing. You might want to use tomorrow to get a few posts written and scheduled.
  • Write and schedule this week’s non-Challenge posts. Just because the A to Z Challenge is ongoing doesn’t mean that all other blogging activity has to come to a halt. I have several features (Song of the Day, One Liner Wednesday etc.) that I’m continuing this month. How about you?
  • Catch up on your Challenge reading. We get so busy reading and replying to comments on our blogs that we might let our reading and commenting on other blogs fall behind. That’s part of what Sunday’s for. It’s also what the Road Trip is all about. More on that later.
  • Something else (maybe nothing?) Spend time with your family! Watch a ballgame! Do some more work on that novel! Take the whole day off from blogging and the Challenge. It’ll all be there on Monday.

Whatever you choose to do tomorrow, enjoy your day! We’re past the halfway point. Only two more weeks to go!

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Author: John Holton

Internet disc jockey, lover of old TV (especially the commercials), inveterate wise guy.

2 thoughts on “Off Day Tomorrow!”

  1. Tomorrow? I’ll work on “Q” (as I’m working on P today) and maybe “R”. The end is coming and that right soon indeed! It’s gone really quickly this year, hasn’t it? Thanks, John for doing your usual fabulous job of coordinating A-Z with WordPress. You are AWESOME!

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  2. I have to finish up my posts and schedule them… wanted to be all done by Thursday night because I’m taking a little vacay next weekend. I hope to write 2-3 tomorrow. I’m up to T and have X done, so I’m pretty much on track. I also wanted to take a beach walk, but we’ll see…

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