P is for Perfection (or lack thereof) #atozchallenge

Are you a perfectionist? It can be both a good and a bad thing. Do you struggle with needing everything you do to be absolutely perfect, just so? Is it a driving force in your work, or does it keep you from writing? Do you keep endlessly tweaking your WIP, and not letting anyone read it until you think it’s good enough?
If any of these things sound familiar, I have a challenge for you:
DO SOMETHING ‘OKAY’. Not perfect. Just okay.
Write something imperfect. Show an unfinished story to a stranger. Publish a blog post that could probably use more editing. Take a leap. Not everything has to be perfect all the time. Give yourself permission to make mistakes. (It really is harder than it sounds.)
And if you are on the reader/commenter side of this thing, here are some things you can do to help:
1. Compliment specific things! It means a whole lot to writers to read compliments that go into detail.
2. Tell people what you want more of. More of that character. More of that kind of story. More of that fantasy world. It is a lot more inspiring than “constructive criticism.” 
3. Don’t message people with “I found a typo!” Just. Don’t.
Happy writing, happy reading, happy blogging! 🙂

from Blogger http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/2021/04/p-is-for-perfection-or-lack-thereof.html

Author: John Holton

Internet disc jockey, lover of old TV (especially the commercials), inveterate wise guy.

One thought on “P is for Perfection (or lack thereof) #atozchallenge”

  1. Nice post, John. I am guilty of trying to be perfect, and I’m always telling myself to simply strive to be “good enough.” It’s tough. I don’t mind when people correct errors in my posts, though I never do it to others, unless they ask. To me, this is all casual communication. For example, I wouldn’t say “peeps” in a work-related communication or in a formal essay. LOL

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