The AtoZChallenge 2021 AFTER SURVEY #atozchallenge

#AtoZChallenge 2021 badge

Fill it out here, or go to:

The AtoZChallenge AFTER SURVEY 📋

Your winner badge is inside, along with the answers to yesterday’s Z post. 

Check back on MONDAY, MAY 3 for the REFLECTIONS sign-up. 🔮
Reflections 2021 #atozchallenge

Plus, sign-up for the Roadtrip on MONDAY, MAY 10. 🚗

Please consider getting a t-shirt.

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Author: John Holton

Internet disc jockey, lover of old TV (especially the commercials), inveterate wise guy.

One thought on “The AtoZChallenge 2021 AFTER SURVEY #atozchallenge”

  1. If this comment shows up twice, mea culpa. WordPress is having ‘issues’ today. 😡
    Thanks, John for this information and the links. I hope they give you some extra stuff for all the great work you do on A-Z. Maybe a free t-shirt or a mug with ‘greatest volunteer’ on it? 😉


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