#atozchallenge Reflections 2021

Reflections 2021 #atozchallenge


Taking the after-survey can help gather your thoughts before writing your reflection post! https://forms.gle/qUZogGKvMDVHd5rN6 That’s also where you’ll find the WINNER badge.

What did you like most and least about the challenge this year?
How did you do? What did you learn? Did you get out more, less, or as much as you put in?
Any thoughts on the shirts? Care to thank any team members?
Did you “double down” this year?

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Did you do the scavenger hunt from A? On your reflection post, you can share with everyone how well you did and on what participating A to Z blogs you found the items on the list! Here’s a reminder: 

  • A is for β€” Apple 🍏 
  • B is for β€” Bear 🧸
  • C is for β€” Cobweb πŸ•Έ
  • D is for β€” Dragon 🐲
  • E is for β€” Evil πŸ‘Ώ
  • F is for β€” Flowers πŸ’
  • G is for β€” Game 🎲
  • H is for β€” Hat πŸ‘’
  • I is for β€” Island 🏝
  • J is for β€” Jewelry πŸ’
  • K is for β€” Key πŸ”‘
  • L is for β€” Leaves πŸ‚
  • M is for β€” Men πŸ‘¬
  • N is for β€” Nuts πŸ₯œ
  • O is for β€” Orange 🍊
  • P is for β€” Pen πŸ–Š
  • Q is for β€” Questions ❓
  • R is for β€” Rainbow 🌈
  • S is for β€” Scissors βœ‚
  • T is for β€” Tiger 🐯
  • U is for β€” Uniform πŸ’‚
  • V is for β€” Velvet 🧢
  • W is for β€” Whale 🐳
  • X is for β€” X-ray 🦴
  • Y is for β€” Yellow  πŸ’›
  • Z is for β€” Zipper 🀐

How many of you used a dictionary of some kind to find words for the challenge?
Did you stop to think about what it took to create a dictionary?
Sean Penn and Mel Gibson’s 2019 film The Professor and the Madman explores that, while delving into the lives of two real people who were largely responsible for the creation of what would become the Oxford English Dictionary. 
The critics mostly dislike the film. I thought it was good. If you’re a blogger who loves words, or if you’ve ever been curious as to how a dictionary was compiled, or you just want to see a movie with a workaholic and someone getting treatment for mental health issues (in the 1870s), here you go. The movie is actually based on a book that is considered a biography. 
πŸ“• πŸŽ₯

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Author: John Holton

Internet disc jockey, lover of old TV (especially the commercials), inveterate wise guy.

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